Swim & Ride Combo Day Trip

Discover the Beauty of the Sea & Land in One Day

Morning with Bora Bora Lagoon Trips :

• To start the day, you will have the chance to explore the lagoon of Bora Bora with an exceptional captain.

• You will visit the most beautiful aquatic sites, discovering marine biodiversity.

  • Equipped with a mask and snorkel, you will encounter rays, sharks and other fish.

• Afterwards, you will explore the sumptuous coral garden.

• And to end this morning, a barbecue will be offered by Bora Bora Lagoon Trips.

Afternoon with Bora Bora Quad Adventures :

To start the afternoon, return to the island, in the hands of our super guide Manu for a unique adventure.

• At the controls of our powerful quads, you will have the opportunity to tour the island of Bora Bora.

• You will discover the paths of the island that will lead you to exceptional sites.

• You will explore the different points of the canons of the Second World War.

• Our professional guide will have the pleasure to make you through the history and culture of Bora Bora.

• And to end the day, a tasting will be given to you.